Wednesday, October 26

Hello Friends, Come In! A Virtual Tour of the New House

Welcome to our Platte Wood's House, friends! 
I'm super excited to share it with you, even if it's just virtually.

This is our big oak! 
We had to cut branches off it just to get the moving truck in the drive way.

We're gonna trim it a bit more to let more sunlight into the upstairs.

I'm super excited to show you my room! 
I unpacked it before the boys' so I'd have a retreat in the midst of all this chaos!

So let's just head up the stairs!

It's pretty simple room, but there are a couple things I love!

The view into the back yard.

And my closet! Which looked average until...

... you opened the doors.
And then lo and behold, there is SPACE! 

Glorious space!

There is a cute little custom shoe rack, too.

And somewhere to hide my laundry basket.

And this is my bathroom with it's spectacular 1980's lighting. 
Fabulous huh!? 

I just wanted to document them well.
I'm pretty sure Ryan will remove these very soon! 
He says they're in his face while he's shaving.

I've always wanted a bathroom with a window. I have no idea why. 
It's slightly irrational.

 But there is something nice about sunlight and doing your business. :D

There are three more bedrooms upstairs, but they are some kind of CRAZY right now!
So I'll show you later.

The boys' bathroom is pretty straight forward but I had to show the lone spindle. 
What is that!? 

A friend suggested it was a "Poop Pole" to grip while using the potty. :) 

I'm pretty sure, whatever it is, it's gonna go soon.

The doorbell! :) Very 80's.

And then at the end of the hall... what's that door!?

Oh my gosh! 
They've convert the attic into a second story laundry room.

At the bottom of the stairs we have a guest bath with more coveted 80's lighting. 

Check out the sweet hall lights! 

Oh yeah!

Which brings us back the front entry. 
If you head to the left when you come in, there is a front living room.

It's a complete wreck and I have no furniture for it... but I still really like it. 
It has a fabulous view and lots of light!

Needs some big comfy couches.

Original curtains.

The diningroom is off the back of the living room (and has more original curtains!).

The couch is just resting here. 
Won't fit through the doorway easily.

Look! More spindles!

And now for the KITCHEN! 
The first room to be lovingly unpacked.

It's a wreck. 
No time, people. 
No time!

We almost didn't look at this house because the picture below was the only picture they posted online of the kitchen. 

It looked ridiculously small.

 It's actually ridiculously HUGE!

Hehe! I love it!

The spice rack is pretty cool! 
It swings open to give you access to the back of the shelf.

Look at all those cabinets! 

The back family room sits off the kitchen and...
is guarded by SPINDLES! 

Sorry, it was really hard to get a good picture of this room. 
The back of the house faces north and isn't getting enough light (Unnecessary pergola and huge tree). 

The fireplace. With remote! :)

The track lighting is really cool and it set up at all four corners of the family room. 

The house came with a pool table in the basement.

And this weird little room.

And lots of storage!

The backyard which you access through slide glass doors in the kitchen.

The view to the left and the big maple which also needs some trimming.

And the view to the right. 
This is the pergola which needs removed. 
It's in really bad shape and is blocking a ton of light from the north side of the house.

If you look close you can see where the cross beam is pulling away from the house. 
The nails are just barely in.


We're excited to pull the whole deck out and probably but pavement down with a nice fire pit!

And that friends! 
Is the new house!

Hoping you get to come visit in person!


  1. Yay! I love it, and there is so much potential there! I'm so glad you guys have your own space (and lots of it!) now. Congratulations!


  2. Awesome! I like it! Congrats! Exclamation points!