Wednesday, July 7

Bonding Over Pizza

Turns out making pizza with my preschooler was a great way to bond with him. Even better, was enjoying the fruits of our labor together. Mmmmmmm homemade pizza.

Pizzas are an easy way to get even young kids involved in making dinner. They are also great for allowing individual preferences as each kid can add their favorite toppings to their half of the pizza.

Get the kids involved
  • I let my preschooler use a butter brush to brush on the sauce. It was a little messy (wish I would have made him take his shirt off) but he really enjoyed helping and that's what I was going for.
  • He helped sprinkle the cheese and pile on the toppings, too.
Our favorites toppings
  • Sometimes we use your standard pepperoni and other times we get creative with sausage or even chicken.
  • It's worth the extra couple of cents to buy a can of pizza sauce. They make it taste soooo good.
For a healthier pizza
  • Use Boboli's whole wheat thin crusts which you can find at your local grocery store OR if your super domestic, make your own whole wheat dough.
  • Use lots of veggies. I've even thrown fresh spinach leaves under the cheese. Shhhhh don't tell my kids!