Thursday, December 16

Never Cook Anything Delicious: Part 2

My Mom's Stuffed Mushrooms

I can't tell you how happy these little mushrooms make me. Butter, cream cheese, bread crumbs, dill and garlic.... oh the gloriousness. I'm salivating all over the keyboard! Ah! I think I need to make these sooner than later. 

Note: My mom's recipe is a bit vague. Making these mushrooms is rather like an art form. But I took lots of pictures so you could learn the way I did. By sight. And taste... but that was just impossible to share. I tried smearing them all over the screen and it just didn't translate.

Start with your mushrooms. You'll want to buy at least 3 good size packs and you'll want to choose larger mushroom that are good for stuffing.

Give them a good scrub in cool water. 
Gently pop out the stems and set them aside. You can also set aside the dinky little mushrooms that are no good for stuffing.
Start melting 1 stick of butter in a frying pan.
 In a food processor chop up your stems/small mushrooms and add them to the pan of butter to cook. 

Doesn't look so good yet, but just wait! It gets better!

Now add some cream cheese and let it melt.

Add garlic powder. Here's where it gets vague. There is no really measurement for this. Mom just tells me, "It needs to look like this", and she points to the pan. You have no idea how frustrating this was for me at first! But it's like a nice little dusting. Or a big dusting if you like garlic!

Now for my favorite part, the DILL! Again, no real measurement. My mom says, "Make it look like grass." I'm telling you, it's an art form.

Last, you add in your Italian bread crumbs. And you guessed it, no real measurement here either. You want the crumbs to absorb some of the liquid, but not too much. This is where you make or break the recipe. It's this perfect consistency you go for. Moist but not too moist. Once you've got it, you're ready to STUFF! 

Pile them in a microwave safe bowl and seal them up real good with saran wrap. Microwave them for 12 minutes and SERVE!

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  1. A few hints from Mom: I use an 8 oz. cream cheese. Also, when washing the mushrooms do not remove the stems until after the washing, his keeps the inside of the mushrooms dry and helps the stuffing adhere.