Thursday, November 29

A Jesse Tree Devotional for Young Families

I was really excited about sharing a Jesse Tree with our family this year,
 but I couldn't' find a devotional that seemed right.

So, with younger kiddos in mind, I undertook writing my own! 

So excited to share!
 Click on the image below to access the devotional and ornaments from google docs.

Thank you to Jacque Larsen for the beautiful Jesse Tree art!
 Please respect her work, and do not copy or distribute it in anyway. Her art can purchased for your own personal projects at

Inspiration for creating your Jesse Tree!

Love the clothes pins and twine idea. I was actually thinking about combining an advent calendar like the one below with our ornaments.

So the kiddos would do the devotional with us,
hang their ornament,
and retrieve the goody bag for that day!

You can also create a Jesse Tree like this thankful tree, but instead of hanging notes of gratitude, 
you'd hang your ornaments!

And if you're going to use sticks in a vase,
I love the idea of jazzing them up with yarn!

 My Trash and Treasure

If you want to get really creative, some families actually make/purchase all their ornaments.

And you can always go the good ol' fashion way and hang them on a small tree!

The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

Hoping this will help you share the story with your kiddos!

To sharing our faith with our kids and enjoying it!

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