Wednesday, February 6

Part 2: Kick-off Activity for Lent

This family activity was so simple.

And yet it generated so much valuable discussion on Lent and what it's about. 

Loved it!

We just decorated a sign for our pantry donation box where we'll collect food and hygiene items for a local charity.

 And also decorated a jar label for our alms jar where we'll collect money for another charity. 

Before I share the printables, let me give you a little encouragement for talking with your kids.

Younger Families!

I thought it might help to share that our grade schooler drove much of the questioning while our preschooler did a lot of listening, and our toddler just loved all of us coloring together.

So if your oldest is only a preschooler, you may need to lead by asking questions, letting them share if they want, and then sharing your answers too.

Ideas for All Parents!

If you're not sure what to talk about, here are somethings I found myself sharing with the kids:
(You'll notice a garden theme!)

Lent is a time for us to get our hearts ready to grow God's love. Kinda of like we get our garden ready for the spring plants.

And we get our hearts ready by practicing and practicing and practicing loving other people the way God does. Like the way we're collecting food for the hungry.

And it becomes a good habit for us after  FORTY days!

We also try to look for ways we aren't doing so good at loving others, so we can get those "weeds out" and make space for the good plants!

It's just a really great time of year to start fresh and get our hearts right with God!

Sometimes I find that in sharing abstract ideas with my kids, I come to understand them better myself.

Like last night,
talking with them about Lent helped me to really
wrap my own heart around

the simplicity
and importance of it.

So here's to worshipping with our kiddos, friends.
:) Cheers!

What you'll need to make your own!

A jar (like spaghetti or jelly)
A medium size box
the printables below

Let your kiddos color and decorate the labels.
 Chat about what the labels say, why we're collecting for charity, and why we observe Lent.

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