Sunday, January 9

Adventures in Family Photography

I had to laugh when a couple friends commented on how great our family picture was on our Christmas cards. Mainly because, we shot that picture at 8 o'clock at night when I realized Shutterfly's Christmas sales were ending at midnight. "Ryan, quick! Bathe the kids! I have to roll the rug up and move all the furniture... because we need to take a family picture... Yes, I know it's bed time! Please! Help me! And... we have to semi match!" 

I thought it would be fun to share all the pictures that didn't work so you could see how this was really just a fluke good picture. A turn of luck. Madness. That we really are dysfunctional and out of control. We just thought what with the holidays and all, and the likelihood that you would put this picture on your fridge, we should try to look... functional. 

I'm hoping too, this will encourage you to keep shooting until you get the shot you want!  
Sometimes it works.

Here's the one that finally worked for us.

Ha!  I'm just now noticing the toy star in the background. Wonder if that made it onto the card? 
Nope, good cropping! 

We did this with a tripod and a timer. I would hit the button, run, slide, try not to smash Jonas, and yell, "Smile! Smile!!! Everybody SMILE!" I really have no idea how this worked

Because first we started here:

"Ryan, can you scoot over? Ryan! Ryan! Scoot! Are you paying attention to me!?" 
I can't imagine why he  was so distracted! "Boys! Put the guns DOWN!"

Progress. Great job Kincaid. :) Very authentic.

Um... No... 

Didn't make the slide that time and doesn't everyone look lovely. 

Oh! Oh! So close and Kincaid, love the enthusiasm bud! Great job!

Hey! Not bad family! 

Oh! Oh! Oooooh! We did it! We did! Nice job, family!
Yes! No one will ever guess how dysfunctional we really are!

Here's where I start acting like a gambling addict. Can we take just one more!? Just one more...

And the moment has passed... as quickly as it came.

But we did get this one! And it's a good one.

 Here's to photo adventures!

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  1. Chris, we loved your photo card, and I love the phrase, 'gambling addict'!! I can SO relate!! Been there a time or two myself!! Just in case NOBODY has EVER told you.... you have such a beautiful family!! Love you!!