Sunday, January 23

The Story of a Boy and His 100 Fluffy Balls

100 fluffy balls! The boys laugh when I say it. 100 fluffy balls! It makes me laugh when they laugh when I say it. 100 fluffy balls. 
But the point!

We're using our 100 fluffy and funny balls to make a mobile of fluffy ball bliss. It's for the kindergarten's 100 days of school museum. Sculptures. Models. Pictures. Anything! As long as it is made of one hundred pieces. A parent's dream, right?! No, it's really not bad. In fact, Kincaid and I are having lots of fun. 

Some good crafting skills like sewing with a needle.

Plenty of counting fluffy balls with some counting by 10s.

And it is great to see him connect the act of verbally counting by tens 
with the physical act of counting his fluffy balls. 
At first, he didn't connect that he could use his count by tens song to count his fluffy balls quickly. 
He thought it was just a song! Ay!

Pipe cleaners make up the structure of his mobile and they are easy for him to shape. I helped him with the general idea, but allowed him to create it. 

It was awesome when counting by tens came in again. 
We had to figure out how many loops he need to hang 100 balls.

He also enjoyed creating patterns for each set of ten.

He started out with size patterns like "big-small-big-small."   

All good stuff for a kindergarten! 
And really fun!
Actually glad they assigned it!
Good times!

10... 20... 30 fluffy balls down. 70 more to go!

Oh! Jonas' morning was good too.

 We got him started on a coloring puzzle, which Ryan consulted on. 
Good fun for him!

Then they played a good ol' game of matching. 

Good family morning. 

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  1. Such good parents! ;) I love the mobile and the concepts that it teaches, I love the colors and patterns that Kincaid chose, I LOVE Kincaid's pajamas (you must tell my where to get those!!), but most of all I love you guys!! ;)