Friday, February 11

Getting Wound Around A Fat Finger

Them eyes are some dangerous eyes there. 
They got me all wound around that little fat finger.

I don't even mind the snot. He can rub it all over my shirt. 

Don't mind the peas and carrots and mushy cheerios he gets all over those cheeks and hands. 
Still gonna hug on him. 

Cause he's got those eyes. 

And they make my heart squeeze.

Best. Biggest. Blue. Eyes. Ever. 

Ollister is growing more independent. 
He'd rather I not humiliate him by shoveling food into his mouth. 
Gotta do it himself.


While being spoon fed like a 6 month old irritates him, he does find gnawing on spoons gives him great joy.

 Did I mention those eyes and how they get me right where it hurts. Mmmmmmm. 

Stop that growing up!!!! 
You're gonna kill me. 

Wait. I take that back. Okay. Yeah, that was silly. I'm okay with you growing up. Yes, I remember all fifteen fits you threw yesterday. What was that I was saying about being wrapped around your cute fat little finger? Yes, I think I forgot about the fits.

But forget the fits. 

I can just focus on that cute little face of yours.
 KISSES all over those cheeks! 

I know you'll get past the fits. 
Cause you're Ollie and we all, including your two hoodlum brothers, love you.

Lovin' you Ollander. 

Wrapped Around Your Finger


  1. EXTREMELY CUTE pictures of Ollie-wallers!!!!!

  2. Do you think he can fit another person around his fat little finger? hee hee