Monday, February 28

When Homework Becomes a Four Letter Word

I could tell you how I lost it last night over K's reading homework, and how I screamed at him.

"Kincaid! Just read the word!... Yes, you can! You just don't want to!... Oh my gosh! You're KILLING me! KILL-ING-ME!  Just read it!"

I could focus on that, but just thinking about retelling the whole awful sordid affair... it gets my heart rate going all fast *gulp*... and my blood pressure rises *gasp*... , and there's this pain in my chest *double gasp gasp* ... and... I can't.... I can't... breathe *GASP*.  

Nope, can't go there.

I got a better idea. 

Let me brag about what a great parent I am!
And you pretend like I didn't just tell you my awful little dirty parenting secret.
Awesome! This'll be great! 
Okay, so here's how awesome I am! 
(Tongue in cheek, big smile.)

Family Fun ran this article on making homework fun, and I decided to give it a go.
 And it's an idea worth sharing! There is no yelling, screaming, fighting, hissy fit throwing with this one. Homework sans frustration and packed with fun. Even some laughs! 

Kincaid and I created the game board. He named it Rainbowland. *Smile* And we added the "oops" spaces every so often.

Then we created homework cards. We've made them for letters, sounds, numbers, and now we're working on sight words. My very smart friend Susan shared this great organization idea with us: She had her kids keep their homework cards in a tissue box. It's a great way to keep them together, and it's fun to reach in and pull out a random card. I let Kincaid decorate it, too. He's a crafty fellow.

If they get the card right, they get to roll a dice and move. And this is where the "oops" cards come in! Best part! When they land on an "oops," they have to pull an "oops" card. These are cards you and the kids make. They have funny things they've done wrong and the penalty for each. I had fun making them up! And I get lots of laughs out of Kincaid when he gets one.

Crack me up! This one...

...made him laugh this hard.


It's just a good game. And a good time. And a good feeling. Moore smiles. Less frustration. A little piece of success for everybody, and that is something I can get excited about! 

Ps. I'm a walking "oops." I spelled ALL the "oops" spaces "opps" originally. Dur. 

Hoping you get a taste of success this week with your kids too. 

Your friend, 
The Screamer.


  1. We called our game "Schoolville" kind of like Farmville. It is a fun way to review all of those cards they keep sending home from school. Now we have flashcards with coins on them. Seriously? Can't we think of something better with real money? My mom did an activity where if Ayah could tell her how much money was in the pile she could keep it. She made $4.00 that way! Grandma is a soft touch.

  2. Oh! I like your mom's idea! Especially with the ice cream man coming around. he could L-earn his ice cream money!