Thursday, April 21

Photojournal: A Boy and His Cold Wilted Spinach

This is Jonas. 

And this is Jonas' cold wilted spinach salad from the night before.

Jonas refused to eat it.
The parents of Jonas (very nice people) decided he should eat it for breakfast if not for dinner.

This did not make Jonas happy.

 He whined 
and cried
and called people stupid 
and threw his wilted salad on the floor
and sat in a very lonely time out for a very long time 
until the time came when he was ready to try...

 He finally decided life had gotten awfully boring and meaningless sitting here in the bathroom.
Which is how he ended up back at the table with the cold wilted spinach.

At first he couldn't even look at the spinach.
So his mom offered to help him eat it.

And so he ate a bite.

And it was kinda nice.
 He decided this was definitely better than being alone and hungry in the bathroom all morning.

And he took another bite. 
And another.

And the cold wilted spinach wasn't really that bad. 
He also noticed his mom brightened up at his attempts to eat his spinach. 
And that was kinda fun. 

She's kinda of nice. 
And kinda of pretty. 
And he decided he really like her.

 A lot. 

Feeling better he decided he could feed himself. 
He was a big boy after all.

And then like that! 
His bowl was empty. 

And his mom brought him all kinds of great thing after that! 

Orange juice!
And she turned his favorite cartoons on! 

Yeah, life after spinach really was a lot better than before.
He liked this.

And his mom was really happy for him.

And the boy decided that cold wilted spinach wasn't so bad. 
And maybe next time, maybe, he'd eat for it for dinner instead of breakfast!


  1. i like your version of the story. i want you to make it a book & send it to publishers & make a cool mint off of it & buy pretty things for yourself.

    good man, jonas. good job choosing humility over misery. i could learn a few things from a good little man like you.

  2. I think I will print it and definitely read it to Jonas' kids some day! That would be a fun grandma moment.

  3. My grandson is the dearest little boy. Nana loves you so much little buddy. I'm very proud of you!