Friday, July 8

Photojournal: I'd risk a firecracker in my hair for these pictures!

We started our fourth with some sparklers. Classic and mostly safe. Much joy was experienced.

Patiently awaiting the darkness together!

We couldn't wait! Bring out the roman candles! 
 And Lord help us, point them away from everybody!!!

Love Jonas' contemplative face. 
Seems to say, "That's odd. I think that just spewed fire..."

And Kincaid's face seems to say,
 "Oh, heck YES! I think that just spewed FIRE!"

Lot's of ACTION! NO death!
Not even blood or dismemberment. 
Very good!

And now for my favorite part! 
I sat with my BACK! 
To the fireworks as Ryan set them off so I could catch those beautiful faces enjoying their glee! 

And it was worth the risk and fear.
And not getting to see the fireworks much myself.

Could have caught my hair on fire and these pictures would still be worth it!

LOOK at all that glee! Childhood right there!

Here's my favorite set of three. I love watching their faces look up !

We have lift off!

THIS next one I did NOT love!
 Taken promptly after I watched them look into the sky! 

Child, where are you GOING!? 

And we ended the evening the same way we began. Classic and safe with sparklers! 

It was a good fourth.

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