Sunday, July 17

I love all your raggedy parts the best!

As a mom of three boys, I wanted to put this out there for other moms who are afraid to be honest. If I seem tired, I am. If it seems like being home with the boys is hard for me, it is. If I seem down some days, I am. If other people look like they are having more fun than me, they are. But I really feel like being a parent isn't about having fun, being happy or fulfilled. I do think it's about giving someone else life, the real gritty true kind, through our own sacrifices. And that despite our ragged state, we should be proud of that. We should be honest about that. I'm ragged, and tired, and unsure of myself. And I can be proud if it. Because out of this raggedy mom's sacrifices, somehow God makes life in my kids.

So here's to not sugar coating the truth with each other. 

Here's to being supportive of all momas everywhere who are trying their best. 

Here's to saying, somedays I wear sweats and don't shower and I'm still me under all this grime. 

Here's to saying motherhood isn't a contest, because we all need to win. 

Here's to saying motherhood isn't about being happy all the time, because family is messy and gritty and still totally worth it. 

And here's to the courage it takes for moms to admit that life with kids isn't perfect but it's worth it.

Here's to my mom friends! 
My gritty, messy, raggedy, completely beautiful, full of life and humor, mom friends!
I love all your raggedy parts the best!

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  1. Chris--I SO agree. If you can't be honest with people, they aren't your friends. I have since found that I can be more honest with my "mommy" friends than I ever thought possible. It's like a secret sisterhood. We realize we all have faults and struggles and we help each other through them :)