Monday, July 18

My Mother-in-law's Got Magic: A Terrific Tale of Before and Afters

My mother-in-law, Janet, brought me two wall hangings she just happen to find at a garage sale on the way over to my house. She proceeded to show me where she thought they would look good. 

 Now I was surprised she brought them. Even more surprised she had already thought of somewhere to put them. And then completely surprised that it was all PERFECT! 

And she only spent a couple of dollars! 
And maybe a half an hour of her time! 
And she made magic on my walls!

I'm in awe of her talent!

They fill in these horribly lonely gaps on my walls. Very lonely. 
I've got no magic for walls.
Me and walls just stare at each other. 
Like a patient in a asylum. Wow. I'm kinda am like a patient in an insane asylum. Trapped inside by all this heat and cold with three little boys. Going a little more bonkers each day.

Anyway! Just staring.

Stare. Stare. Staring

My mother-in-law steps in and just like that! 

It's magic! You got homey!

This ones got me all inspired! I'm thinking a nice dark table might look good under this. 
With places for all the pictures I like!

"Ollie! No touching!" 
Just practicing.





Anyway!  My new wall hangings are bringing me much warmth and comfort!

My mother-in-law truly did magic for me!

AND she mentioned a basket she left behind and despite the protests of Ryan and my FIL, we ran back! And it is perfect too! I needed something downstairs to toss toys in that needed to go upstairs! Very good call! And it's cute!

And as if all that wasn't enough, I came up lacking in the wine opener department the night before. 
My wine opener is so horrible that as you attempt to operate it, you begin to wonder if smashing the whole damn bottle against the wall might be better. 

But Janet just happened to find a perfectly wonderful opener at this same garage sale. 
I'm telling you, she's got magic! 

So here's to my mother-in-law. It's all beautiful, Janet and brings me much joy! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Your daughter-in-law, Chris!

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