Monday, October 17

Why I Abandoned My Blog and Other Nonsense

What is good photojournalogging?

Good photojournalogging involves writing. 
Like frequently. Like on a weekly basis, at least. 
Writing AND posting pictures. 


And I've noticed that my blog is truly lacking in the frequently department.

I am disconcerted. 
I'm even making up words like photojournalogging to make myself feel better.

So I'm making myself sit here to type something, anything.
And I'm going to post it no matter how trashy it turns out.

Subject other people to my lack of lackingness.
And blatant making up of words.

It's like poetry.
... gone awry. :)
Which is oddly similar to my life.

I've decided to sum up the last 2 months of silence with a list:

Ten Reasons Why I Abandoned My Blog

1- I sold my home and had to move in two weeks.

2- At the end of the two weeks... My husband and I had no where to move our family.

3- A wonderful friend rescued us, and we moved in with her family.  There are eleven of us... Eleven. And somehow we manage, but I think it has something to do with a well timed coffee in the morning and beer in the evening! And her hot tub. Lots of late night hot tubbing.

4- Shopping for a home, haggling for a home, and financing a home? Are of the devil.

5- I sleep in a basement located directly below a kitchen. There is no "sleeping in" when you sleep under a kitchen. I've gotten so use to the sound of people's feet up there, I play a game with myself called "Whose Feet Are Those?" I'm getting really good.

6- I am a part time taxi driver, driving kids back and forth from Lee's Summit to Liberty for school. I spend 3+ hours in the van on Tuesdays and Thursdays! 

7- There has been a suspicious lack of chocolate in my life which I recently rectified at the grocery store. I have already consumed a ridiculous amount of it.  

8- I had been struggling with anxiety and depression until I finally called the doctor and said, "Please medicate me! I am seriously disturbed!" And Lexipro is divine. I'm not joking. I think God served up a big old dish of mercy for me in the form of a scientifically engineered miracle! I realize some of you will think this is horribly sacrilegious. :) But I think it's wonderful! Chocolate is also divine.

9-  Did I mention I live with seven kids?

10- Life in general has just squashed the creative fortitude right out of me. But I have to say, writing about my life and having fun with this post has definitely helped me laugh and enjoy myself a bit. Creativity will do that do those of us who find ourselves married to it. A balm for the creatively insane. :)

So here's to writing about running amok at its finest! I hope that you can find ways to cope with the craggier parts of your life too. Love you friends!


  1. LOL! I love it.... not the depressed part but the pictures and honesty are awesome... praying for you. I got both of those books you suggested PLUS I got one by Bryan Allain called 30 days to finding your blogging mojo. He's funny! At least I think he is... Jason thinks he's odd. But I'm liking his advice and the book is an easy read.

  2. Thank you, Aurelia! :) I really enjoyed getting my mojo active! I'm so glad you like those books and I'm going to see if our library has Allain's book. Thanks!

  3. You are truly running AMOK my love! Love you, Mommy