Tuesday, December 13

Why "Happy Holidays" Doesn't Offend Me

I couldn't shake the controversy over removing Christ from Christmas, today. And I started to think, it's not surprising that people would remove Christ from the American Christmas. And I'm not mad that they have, either. Actually it seems like a relief to me. I'm glad we can stop calling the America "Christmas" something it isn't. It isn't a celebration of Christ. Let's call it what it is, though! A wonderful celebration of light and hope at the darkest time of the year (December 20th is the shortest day all year! Booo!). HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I love light and hope too!

I think it's a natural human response to seek out light in darkness. In fact, if you look at our collective human history, we'v been doing just that for a long time. The Holidays aren't a bad thing. I love that Americans celebrate light and cheer when we could be consumed by the northern darkness. Dressing our houses and trees in light. Giving gifts to celebrate the relationships we're blessed with. Finding extra to give to those less fortunate. Carving out time to be with family. These are good things. And actually, it's like the world is acknowledging Christ without meaning to. He is so much the light and hope we all seek in the darkness. These things are pieces of him even if the world is unaware!

 I choose to see the person behind the "Happy Holidays" as someone creating light, hope, and love the best ways they can without lying about what they are celebrating. Not an enemy. Not an offense. Just an honest human being celebrating hope in a dark season. And I want to encourage and bless them in their celebration of this. I hope their holidays ARE happy.

BUT be encouraged friends! Christmas is a time to be at peace with humanity and not at odds with it. That's the true essence of our Christmas, isn't it!? Christ came all the way down to be human with us. And nothing will change that.  Be confident that you don't have to make the world own Christ or Christmas. Because it isn't us who own Christ. It's Christ who owns us. And this Christmas business is completely His! He will make it MERRY! I am confident of that!

So here's to excepting "Happy Holidays" with grace and faith! And to saying "Merry Christmas" to each other and celebrating Christ's humanity! Celebrating just how extraordinary it is that we are so loved, our creator would come all the way down to be human with us. And let's embrace the world He created in all it's beautiful humanity and holidays! Because I am confident he will complete the work He began as a baby in it!!

Waiting for Christ with you,

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