Thursday, January 26

Jazzing Up the Boys' Valentines! Free Printable

My son, Kincaid and I both liked the idea of passing out glow sticks for Valentines
when we saw this on Family Fun!

 But I decided the hearts needed to be snappier, so we created something with more "pop!"

 If you like the idea, please feel free to print or share these! 

We also decided to thread them through glow necklaces the kids can wear!

Super fun!

ps. I used two free fonts, Pointy and Comic Book, from

Very helpful!


  1. I love this idea and I was already planning on doing this valentine for my son's class (coincidence!!), but how can I print the new hearts?? I was looking for the pdf file but didn't find any...please help =)

    1. I figured it out - thanks a bunch! My son loved these =)