Friday, February 10

A Mobile Dripping with Hearts: A Valentine for K's Teacher

What started as a simple strand of heart garland...

Turned into a full blown mobile valentine for K's teacher. 

I know! 
Who doesn't love a good mobile!? :D

The large heart at the top provides a place for K to write a message to Mrs. Waters. I hot glued it to the fishing line that the whole mobile hangs from and then hid the glue with a matching heart hot glued to the back.

I used jewelry wire to create the mobile structure and the fun cork screws all the hearts hang from.

And the hearts themselves are strips of scrapbook paper that were hot glued together with a tab at the top for hanging. I also gave them a little shape by gently forming them with my hands. And to get the cute curly-cues, I just wrapped the ends around a thin crochet hook and loosened them a little with my hands.

It was super fun! And I'm super excited to share it with K's teacher!

Here's to being adventurous with what you've got friends! 
Happy creating!

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