Saturday, April 14

Training My Time: Limiting obligations to the important things

Blogger Bernice at The Stressed Mom challenged me this morning. 

First, her post 10 Habits for a Well Run Home
All the habits were most helpful.

But the 10th habit was thought provoking: 

Don't say yes immediately to new requests. 
And don't be afraid to say no immediately if you know you can't.

Wow!... Okay. 
That could help. 
That could really help!

And then she added her post: Ten Ways to Stop Being So Busy.
And of course I clicked it!

There, she asked that you write down the 4-5 most important things to you, 
and let those guide you in evaluating your time. 


Because I found that just writing these things down helped me orient myself, 
and gave me a bit of direction.

It's interesting that these thoughts were there all along. 
I just gave them voice which helped me bring them into focus.

So I'm hoping by sharing my list, 
I will encourage my friends in their own endeavors to balance life in a thoughtful way.

Give your desires a voice and see if it helps!

Here's to training your time into something beautiful, friends!

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