Thursday, October 11

Cool Kids' Patches for Jeans

In case there are others out there with children who apparently having been crawling everywhere, 
 I'm gonna share the resources and directions I used for creating these fun patches!

 Start with the post from C.R.A.F.T. that encouraged me to rip the inseam out of my jeans and so I could get at that patch with my sewing machine. 

So worth it! 

And I loved her zigzag stitch idea! 
I used it on my camo patch.
Turned out really cute.

*Tip: Purchase specific thread for stitching denim and a denim needle from your local fabric store. You'll need the tough stuff!

The idea for cutting out shapes came from this post by Koala Brains.
She has you trace your shape in washable marker, stitch the outline and patch, and then cut.

*Tips: BE CAREFUL not to stitch the other side of the pant leg while rotating your denim. I did it a sad total of three times! It is not fun to correct!

I used cute cotton fabric but doubled up with a second back layer for durability. 
You could even triple. 
Wouldn't hurt! 

Check your machine for a tight zigzag stitch like the yellow one in my picture, it will make your thread more bold against the denim.

Good luck! 
And happy patching, friends!

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  1. It's a little more difficult to sew the patch if you open just enough of the seam to get it in your machine, but it saves a lot of finishing time. The less you have to put back together, the better! I love the camo patch; freestyle patches are always my favorite to do.